Nova 937

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Nova 93.7 is a commercial radio station that is known for playing a variety of rock and alternative hits as well as for its various morning and entertainment shows. Nova is a commercial FM radio station that regularly hosts charity drives as well as playing hit rock and alternative music.

Nova 937


The company was actually one of the second FM radio station available commercially out of Perth. The company was previously in a.m. station. For the most part the station has always had a history of playing a number of top 40 hits in the rock and alternative genre.

How to listen

Most people tune into nova 93.7 on the 93.7 FM band. The radio station is also widely available via Internet streams online. The company does regularly broadcast over cable boxes and more across Australia due to its popularity.

Shows and Personalities

The big programs and announcers that are currently running include the Kate, Tim and Marty drive time show, Ben Erbsland late night show, Smallzy’s surgery for nights, Nathan Nat and Shaun in the morning as well as the Kate Mac and Ross Wallman show. The news program is hosted by Ellie Petricevic here.


The main website is mostly done using a white and red style aesthetic. The main page has a series of news articles that regularly update evert day. You can also find information on the latest entertainment news, music news and the biggest events in the greater Perth area.

Connecting with the station

Nova 93.7 has a series of social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Users can also create their own account to connect with the station through a login on the main page. By creating an account on their main page it's possible to entering the contest as well as connect with individual DJs.