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Smoothfm Brisbane is located in Brisbane, Queensland. The Smooth FM is a Network of Australian radio stations. This network is currently owned by Nova Entertainment.

Smoothfm Brisbane

The Smoothfm Network began in 2005 as ‘Vega’. The station was off to a low start with ratings of 1.8 and 1.2 percent in Sydney and Melbourne respectively. However, Vega showed a steady increase in ratings over the years peaking at five percent. This improvement marked the peak of Vega and they began competing with FM stations like WS-FM and Triple-M. A huge landmark in the station’s journey was the 2010 rebranding. Vega was changed to Classic Rock. The station began airing news, weather and sports updates alongside the music. In 2013, Smoothfm began broadcasting nationally to Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.


The Smoothfm network mainly broadcasts rock music. However, they have a number of shows on their station. These include More Mellow Music from 8 pm to midnight and Music Breakfast on 5.30 to 9 am on weekdays.

Radio Personalities

Some of the celebrities that feature on the Smoothfm Network include David Campbell, Cameron Daddo, Ty Frost, Simon Diaz, Richard Wilkins, Melissa Doyle and Mike Perso and Jennifer Hansen on the More Music Breakfast,

How to Listen

The station broadcasts at DAB+ in Brisbane, Queensland. The station also provides an online platform for their fans to stream in to live shows and music. The streaming prompt is located at the top of the station’s website.

Social Network

Smoothfm has a large social media fan base. Their Twitter handle has three thousand followers their YouTube page has two hundred subscribers, while their Facebook page has three hundred and sixty-six thousand followers.

Official Website

The station’s official website is The website’s design is user-friendly and well done. The site hosts all the Smoothfm stations as well as the TV page. The home page contains different genres of entertainment for the station’s fans. The site also features the latest news from different parts of Australia.