Terms of Service

The website ("website", "service", "platform", "internet radio service") offers an internet radio service. The use of this service is submitted to the Terms of Service ("ToS", "Terms", "Terms of Use") detailed in this page. These terms may change over time without notifying the user ("you"). THE SITE IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF A RADIO STATION. The official website of each radio station is indicated on its dedicated page with an hyperlink ("external link"). The access to the website means the user acceptance of these Terms.

Hyperlinks and external content

When visting the website, the user could find external links that take him to other websites managed by third parties and which are not controlled by the website. The website is not responsible for the content published by these external websites. As examples (non-exhaustive list), logos, links to radio stations websites or their social accounts links such as facebook, twitter and youtube (non-exhaustive list) or broadcast streams are the exclusive property of these radio stations. If for any reason the owner or the operational manager of the a radio station want to delete some or parts of related information, they may send a request using the contact form and explicitly request the remove of the entire page or specified information . It is also possible to address this request using the email address "contact @ australiafm.net".

The website may display ads in the form of banners in partnership with the Google Ads program (for more details, see Privacy and Cookies Policy detailed below). These ads can be present as hyperlinks and take the user outside the website. The website is not responsible for the content distributed by these ads and how users use theses links. The website allows third-party services to publish their advertisements and promotions. The website is not responsible for ToS of these third-party services.

Content and comments

The website reserves the right to remove or modify any content at any time without notifying the user. For suggestions or requests for updates or addition of content, it is possible to use the contact form or the email address "contact @ australiafm.net". In the case of deletion request of a radio station page, it is mandatory to present the formal relation between the person submitting the request and the radio station in question. The platform offers the possibility to post comments. The website is not responsible for comments posted by users and reserves the right to remove without warning some or all of such content. In some cases, the comment service could be closed. The website is not responsible for the use and exploitation of the information available on the website. The service does not guarantee the reliability, completeness, availability and completeness of the content.

Technical warranty

It's aimed to provide a reliable technical service to guarantee a continuous internet radio service on the website. However, the website is under no obligation to do so.


For any request for information or suggestion, the website places at your disposal an email address "contact @ australiafm.net" and a contact form on this link.

Privacy and Cookies Policy ("the policy")

Data collected

By using the service, you accept the use of cookies as well as the privacy policy. The policy may change over time. The privacy and confidentiality policy allows you to understand the type of data collected and their use. The privacy policy is applicable exclusively on the website. The website may contain external links to other websites. In this case, it will be necessary to refer to the respective privacy policies. The data that is used does not identify you personally and allows the website to have statistics on visits and users behaviors. For example, the average time spent on the website or the number of pages viewed per user. Analysis of these data can improve the service and provide a better user experience. The service does not send the collected data and information to external entities.


The website uses cookies to improve its service and to provide a customized user experience. Cookies are files saved on the user's computer (more information on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookie_(informatique)). For example, the website uses cookies to display user's most visited pages or to display related content. External services such as Google Ads can store cookies on your computer to display targeted and customized content. In some cases, they use your browsing history to offer you these ads. The user can view this link for more information about Google Policy on using cookies for ads: https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/. The website uses Google Analytics that collect data and statistics on users visits and behaviors on to the website (more information on this link: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245 ).


These conditions may change over time in whole or in part without necessarily notifying the user. You are entirely responsible for accepting or rejecting these Terms of Use. In the latter case, you are able to stop using the service.

Updated on August 15, 2015.