Triple M Sydney

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Triple M Sydney is also known by the name of 2MMM. The company is a radio broadcasting station that is available out of Sydney Australia. The southern cross radio station network is known for playing mostly rock and they are considered to be one of the best rock networks in Sydney.

Triple M Sydney


The company got started with some of its first broadcast in August of 1980. It was one of the first commercial radio stations in Sydney Australia and has long been known for its breakfast show and rock and roll programming.

Where to listen

The company still broadcast their feet out at 104.9 on the FM band and it's also available via DAB+. It's also possible to listen live via the website, through their application and through a number of web streaming services.

Shows and Personalities

The popular shows include the morning show with the Grill team which runs from 6 AM to 9 AM. The Becko show, Rush Hour, the rubber room with ugly Phil and The offload which is a rugby season recap show.


Triple M has a mostly black and white theme available on their page but there is exclusive content for each one of these shows up on the main page. While other radio stations showcase news stories, most of the pages dedicated to some of the on air announcements and contests that have been running with the radio station.

Contacting the station

You can contact the station via the main website and enter contests on the main page too. The show and many of its DJs are featured on social networks such as Facebook and twitter. Overall the company has a fairly small social media presence but a great contact section up through their main site. They also regularly post videos for commenting up on YouTube and other major video hosts.