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ABC News is a radio station in Australia! As suggested by its name, this radio station specializes in the news. It offers round the clock news updates.

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Information about ABC NewsRadio
Programs and SpeakersAll Things Considered, Discovery, Click, Business Daily, Health Check, BBC News, Newshour (BBC), ABC News (Australia).
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ABC News

ABC News was originally known as the Parliamentary and News Network. It plays an important role in broadcasting proceedings at the parliament. The first broadcast happened on the 10th of July 1946. Today, the radio station broadcasts a wide range of new formats. This includes IT updates, finance reports, and scientific findings.

History of ABC News

ABC News has a history that dates back to 1980s. In the year 1980, PNN received its very own frequency. The bridge between PNN and ABC News was created in the year 1994. As mentioned previously, the radio station was used to broadcast parliamentary news. Everything that happened at the proceedings of parliament was carefully broadcasted. This includes the following:

  • End of day sitting
  • Question time recordings

ABC News didn’t have many restrictions. Indeed, this was a free radio station from the beginning.

In the year 2001, ABC News became a live audio streaming station. Listeners were able to hear parliament news from anywhere. The transmission program expanded between 2006 and 2009.

ABC NewsRadio rebranded and was known as ABC News in the year 2017! To be more precise, the rebranding happened on the 10th of April 2017.

Programs and Personalities

There are so many interesting personalities and programs in ABC News. Some of the finest shows were Breakfast with Sandy Aloisi and Evenings with Tracey Holmes. These hosts made sure news was served in the best possible way! Sandy Aloisi is an old show. Listeners believe that the show would continue for decades.

Few other personalities in ABC News are Glen Batholomew, Marius Benson, Eleni Psaltis, Mandy Presland, Scott Wales and Cathy Bell.

Listening to ABC News

Listening to ABC News is never an issue. There are so many channels to listen to this radio station. To begin with, the station comes in both FM and AM frequencies. You can listen to it on Radio Channel 43. ABC News is broadcasted in TV Channel 875 too!

You have webcasts with live access to the radio programs. Some people listen to ABC News via Free satellite radio and free digital radio. This makes ABC News one of the most accessible radio stations in the country.

Social Media Presence of ABC News

With respect to social media presence, ABC News has 3.5 million likes and followers on Facebook. This makes ABC News one of the most followed and liked radio stations in the country.

On the other hand, the radio station has 33,000+ followers and 22,000+ tweets on Twitter. On an average 100+ tweets are made in the station’s Twitter page.

Website and Mobile App

ABC News has a simple but informative website. Every day, the website is updated with new items. The site features direct links to podcasts, programs, parliament, and promotions. In fact, you can record web polls too! The website is designed on a white theme and it has a clean layout.

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