Triple J

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Triple J is a government-funded radio station in Australia that is designed to appeal to listeners between the ages of 18 and 25.

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Information about Triple J
Programs and SpeakersHouse Party, Lewi McKirdy, Richard Kingsmill, Hack, Good Nights, Matt and Alex, Weekend Lunch, Mornings, The Doctor, Zan Rowe, 2015, Breakfast, Drive.
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Triple J

The company first started in the year 1975 and since then they have been playing a variety of alternative music and current affairs updates. The station itself remains owned by the Australian broadcasting Corporation and they regularly provide pop culture and news updates every hour on the hour.

Where to listen

The station can be heard worldwide through Internet radio as well as satellite radio. It's also possible the pickup triple J via DAB were available and on the FM band at 105.7. Reaching the live streams is quite easy through the ABC live listen page

Personalities and shows

The main personalities and shows within triple J include the J files, House party, Home and hosed, Live at the wireless, the News, the Hookup, the Breakfast show, This sporting Life, Ross and Terri and more. Top personalities on the channel include Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton, Dom Alessio, Gen Fricker, Lewis Hobba and Veronica Milsom, Zan Row, Linda Marigliano and more.

Connect with the station

Reaching out to this station to connect with its DJs is quite easy through their various social media connections. The program is very present on social media such as twitter, youtube, Instagram, facebook and more. They can also be reached through the contact us page on their main website. These types of connections are used to help improve their programming and generate improvements with every main show. Triple J will remain one of the most popular alternative rock stations in Australia with one of the best top 40 rock hits shows!

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