Double J

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Double J is considered to be a radio station designed for music lovers. The station plays dedicated music 24 hours a day and seven days a week and has done so for four decades now. They are responsible for starting a number of different artists in Australia in alternative music.

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Double J

The company today boasts a large amount of playtime including country, jazz, soul, world music, pop, rock and blues.


The company was previously available on traditional radio but has since moved over to a digital music radio service only. The company began as an operation under the Australian broadcasting Corporation. It emerged primarily as a partnership from the ABC coast FM program under Phil Cullen and Bill Gates.

How to Listen

Today Double J is only available to listen to via live streams as well as through digital cable streams. You can easily find it on the Internet, to the ABC radio mobile app, through ABC radio Australia simulcast, Austar digital, digital audio broadcasting and Foxtel and optus television.

Personalities and Shows

Some of the main personalities and shows include Lunch with Myf that features Myf Warhurst, Karen Leng’s show, Something more with Time Shiel, classic albums with Caz Tran, Tower of Song with Henry Wagons, Live at the wireless, The J files, The funhouse with Richard Kingsmill and more.

How to connect with the station

Connecting with the station can easily be done online through their social media accounts, through the contact page on their website and through their phone number directly. The company is very active over Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google, tumblr, and soundcloud. There are also FAQ’s up online for submitting your feedback to the company.

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