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2GB is a renowned radio station in Australia. The radio station is strategically located in Sydney. It is considered as one of the most listened-to radio stations in the country. If you are in Sydney, you will definitely come across people who love and listen to 2GB on a daily basis.

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Information about 2GB
Iphone Apphttps://itunes.apple.com/au/app/2gb/id403184432
Android Apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details


According to a recent report, the radio station held more than 15% of the country’s total radio ratings. This definitely proves the station’s fame. Even today, 2GB is growing at a swift pace.

History of 2GB

The talk about 2GB will remain incomplete without its history. The station was founded in 1926. It was owned and managed by the Theosophical Broadcasting Station. The branch was licensed to broadcast in Sydney. By the end of 1933, 2GB turned into Australia’s first station for broadcasting transcriptional records. This was the world’s first and largest broadcast of transcribed records. Moving on, the station was controlled by Denison Estates in the year 1936.

Denison identified 2GB as a key player in the “Golden Age of Australian Radio”. It featured many local programs and international music. The station featured the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest drama programs by the end of 1940. Even during World War II, the station continued to make records.

Many changes happened in the next few decades! Today, the radio station is managed by Fairfax Media. And, two interesting teams were formed by Fairfax: 2GB and 2UE! What we hear today is only from 2GB. (2UE is currently nonfunctional.)

Programs and Personalities of 2GB

There are so many fascinating programs and personalities on this radio station. One of its golden programs would be “Breakfast with Alan Jones”. Moving on, you will be able to listen to Mornings with Ray Hadley and Money News with Ross Greenwood. Greenwood’s show was one of the country’s most listened to shows. Another interesting program in 2GB would be Saturday Mornings with Luke Grant. If you are someone who stays overnight and listens to the radio, you will find Michael McLaren’s Overnights interesting.

Listening to 2GB

Listening to 2GB is never difficult! You can listen to the radio station at a frequency of 873 kHz AM. It was broadcasted at 950 kHz AM and 870 kHz AM a few years ago! Of course, you can stream the programs online too.

Social Media Presence of 2GB

When it comes to social media presence, 2GB is a beginning. Its Facebook page has 20,000+ likes and followers. On the other hand, its Twitter page features 29,000+ followers and 12,500+ tweets. On an average, 40 tweets are made on a daily basis.

2GB maintains a steady online presence. In the long run, it is bound to become a leader in its social platforms.

Website and Mobile Apps

The radio station’s website and mobile application are based on white, black and red. You will see all notifications in red banners. Also, there are quick links to win, shows, home and rugby leagues. If you are looking for something to read, this website has it all!

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