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Fresh 92.7 is a radio station in Adelaide, Australia. It is a non-profit organization that broadcasts at 92.7 MHz. All its programs are meant for the young people. If you are a youngster in Adelaide, you will definitely enjoy Fresh FM. For years, the radio station has gained popularity for its house and electronic dance genres.

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Fresh FM

History behind Fresh FM

Fresh FM has a history that dates back to 1997. It was founded by three youngsters in Melbourne. Maybe, this is why the radio station specializes in youth music. This is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and professionals with years of experience in radio broadcasting. The volunteers engage in hosting dance music programs.

In 1998, the radio station joined hands with the Australian Broadcasting Authority. It became a fresh station with a new broadcasting frequency. The radio station remained as a non-profit organization for several decades. It was supported by tens of thousands of subscribers. Most of them volunteered to contribute funds and keep the station going. In the next few years, Fresh FM became famous in different parts of Australia.

In 2016, the station signed a deal with the University of Adelaide. It was recognized as the future of radio in Adelaide. With the deal, Fresh FM was moved to a new location. It started to host a wide range of programs including educational, ethical and arts.

Programs and Personalities of Fresh FM

Fresh FM is known for its huge collection of programs for the young! “Freshly squeezed” is an important show in Fresh FM. It is a breakfast show and is considered as the station’s flagship program. The show is broadcasted from 6 to 9 in the morning. Another permanent show in Fresh FM would be “Kaboom”. Kaboom was aired between 4 and 6 in the evening.

Few other notable programs in Fresh FM are Insomnia, Fresh News, Fresh AIR, Evolution, Mix @6, Fresh Weekend, Beats N Pieces, Late Night Beats, The Chatroom, Drop Zone, Global Trance, Hype Up, Beyond the Breaks, A Trance Revolution, Studio 92 and Just Chillin.

Every day you are bound to listen to hundreds of popular and much-loved songs in Fresh FM.

Listening to Fresh FM

Listening to Fresh FM is a cake walk. The radio station is broadcasted at 92.7 MHz FM. It was first aired in 1998. The community-based radio station has an online channel too!

Social Media Presence

Fresh FM has a stable presence in social media networks too! The site enjoys 1500+ likes in Twitter. It has more than 8000 followers on Twitter. On an average, you will see 25+ tweets in Fresh FM. There are more than 17000+ tweets in the page.

Website and Mobile App

A lot of people admire Fresh FM for its intuitive website. The site is loaded with fresh content all the time! You can browse through options like music, fresh, shows, shop, Adelaide and more!

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