Mix 94.5

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Mix 94.5 is a radio station in Perth, Australia. It is known for its commercial music programs. Though the radio station is known as Mix, it has very little connection with the Australian Mix Stations. This radio station focuses on audiences between 25 and 50 years of age.

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Mix 94.5

The first Mix 94.5 program was broadcasted on the 23rd of October 1941. Indeed, this is one of Australia’s oldest radio stations.

The current owner of Mix 94.5 is Southern Cross Austereo.

History of Mix 94.5

Mix 94.5 has a very interesting history. It was founded as “6KY”. The station was begun in 1941. It was broadcasted at a frequency of 1210 AM kHz. In the next few decades, the radio station was broadcasted at 1206 kHz. The station’s first building was located at East Perth. The building features an auditorium, five different radio stations, and small shops.

Mix 94.5 was converted from AM to FM in the year 1991. The conversion took place when Peter Perrin was the General Manager. Now, 6KY became one of the two FM brands in the country. Soon, the station was recognized as 6KYFM.

The radio station received its name Mix 94.5 in the year 1998!

Programs and Personalities

When it comes to programs, Mix 94.5 specializes in commercial music. Every day, you will get to listen to Clairsy, Kymba, and Matt. This is the big celebrities show that talks about everything from traffic to movies to sports to local issues. The show is broadcasted between 6 and 9 in the morning.

Another famous show in Mix 94.5 is “Lisa & Pete”. This is a drive show broadcasted between 4 and 7 in the evening! Lisa & Pete is all about wild music. After a long day at work, this is one of the best shows to tune into.

Listening to Mix 94.5

Listening to Mix 94.5 is never a hassle. As suggested by its name, the radio station is broadcasted at 94.5 kHz. Between the years 1941 and 1978, the radio station was broadcasted at 1210 kHz AM. And, between 1978 and 1991, the radio station was broadcasted at 1206 kHz AM.

You can listen to the station online too!

Social Media Presence of Mix 94.5

In the past few years, Mix 94.5 has become famous amongst young music lovers. Thus, the radio station has a solid online presence.

In Facebook, Mix 94.5 has more than 117,000+ likes and 111,000+ followers. This makes Mix 94.5 a famous Australian radio station.

With respect to Twitter, the radio station has 1700+ likes, 6000+ followers, and more than 10,000+ tweets. Around 25+ tweets are posted on the station’s Twitter page.

Website and Mobile Apps

Just like many other radio stations, Mix 94.5 has an interesting website. As you visit this responsive, mobile-friendly website, you will have quick links to stuff, music, news, shows and mix club! In fact, you will find quick links to contests and events too.

The website is colorful and it plays around white, black and orange!

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