ABC Jazz

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ABC Jazz is part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The station broadcasts worldwide but is physically based in Australia.

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The radio station initially began broadcasting as ABC Classic FM. The station transmits a wide range of Jazz music. This includes different styles such as cool jazz, acid jazz, contemporary jazz, and bebop. The station also features original jazz music recorded on Jazztrack. This music is made especially for ABC programs.


The station features a variety of programs including Home Cooked, Jazztrack, Jessica Nicholas, New Releases and Thursday Night Live. These programs air intermittently throughout the day. The station mainly focuses on broadcasting Jazz music.

Radio Personalities

ABC Jazz does not have regular hosts. The station focuses on entertainment through its long playlists of Jazz Music. However, some of the programs have their hosts. Jessica Nicholas hosts the Jessica Nicholas show while Mal Stanley hosts the Jazztrack show.

How to Listen Online

Fans of the station can listen online through various ways. The site provides a streaming link at the top of the page next to the ABC Jazz logo. Furthermore, the station also offers its services through mobile phone applications. These apps can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store for Apple and Android platforms respectively.

Social Network

The website has a huge social media fan base. They have three thousand five hundred followers on Twitter and close to twelve thousand followers on Facebook. Their posts mostly feature links to new additions to their website. They also post news concerning Jazz artists and events.

Official Website

The station’s official website is The site has an elegant theme with a simple layout of menus and news. The menus include Home, Programs, and Music. The site also provides the latest news for its audience with podcasts from recent additions.  

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