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6PR is an Australian Radio station based in Perth. It is a commercial station focusing on sports, news, and talk.

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6PR first began broadcasting in 1931. The station was initially founded by Nicholson’s Limited, an electrical and music warehouse company. Since then, the station has undergone several changes to become the ten-kilowatt, eight hundred and eighty-two-kilo hertz AM station that it is today.

Programs and personnalities

The featured programs of the station include Mornings with Gareth Parker, Breakfast with Steve Mills and Basil Zempalis, Afternoons with Simon Beaumont and Perth Live with Oliver Peterson. More programs include Sportsday with Karl Langdon and Paul Hasleby, Perth Tonight with Chris Ilsley, Overnight with Jon Lewis, Overnights with Tony Serve, Boat Dive and Fishing Show, Weekend Wakeup, Talking Property and Sports World.

How to Listen Online

There are several ways to listen online. Their official website provides a streaming link at the top of the page. Listeners can also stream in through the station's formal mobile applications. The apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store for android and apple users respectively.

Social Network

The station has an extensive social media fan base on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They have ten thousand five hundred followers on Facebook and twenty-eight thousand followers on Twitter. Their tweets mainly feature recent news as well as what is being aired at that time.

Official Website

The station’s official website is https://www.6pr.com.au/ . The website is designed elegantly with the station's thematic colors which are mustard and deep blue. The site has different menus including Shows, Audio, What’s on, AFL and the Win tab. The site also offers the latest news stories and podcasts to its audience.

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