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ABC Radio Sydney is also known as “2BL”. This is a radio station located in Sydney, Australia. The radio station is officially owned and managed by ABC Local Radio Network. It broadcasts programs on the AM dial.

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Information about 702 ABC Sydney
Programs and SpeakersAustralia All Over, AM (ABC), Mark Colvin, ABC News (Australia), Michael Brissenden, Eleanor Hall, Richard Fidler, Conversations, Drive, Overnights (ABC Local), Overnights, Breakfast (ABC Sydney), PM, Tony Delroy, James Valentine.
Iphone Apphttps://itunes.apple.com/au/app/abc-radio/id544149504
Android Apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details

ABC Radio Sydney

The station has permissions only within Australia. This means you cannot listen to the radio station from other countries. This broadcast station has many talk shows. It was formerly known as 2BL and 2SB!


Most people admire ABC Radio Sydney’s history. This is Australian’s first full-time radio station. This makes ABC Radio Sydney very special. The station was founded in the year 1923. As mentioned previously, it had the call sign 2SB. The number “2” in this call sign represents New South Wales (State). Here the S stands for Sydney and the B represents Broadcasters. However, the old call sign didn’t last for a very long time. It was changed to 2BL in just a few short years.

2BL was founded in the year 1932. It became a part of the 2FC radio stations. In the year 1946, 2BL hosted the country’s flagship National Program. By the end of 1962, ABC Radio Sydney was responsible for airing parliament events.

It was rebranded from 2BL to ABC Radio Sydney in the year 2017.

Programs and Personalities

ABC Radio Sydney focuses on talks. It was famous for its parliament coverage. Almost all parliament gatherings were hosted by this radio station. However, there were many ups and downs on airing local shows. Most listeners preferred the radio station’s talk shows and weekly updates. Popular programs in ABC Radio Sydney are:

  • Philip Clark’s “The Challenge”.
  • Chris Bath’s “Quiz”
  • Richard Glover’s “Thank God Its Friday”

Every Saturday and Sunday, the radio station features a sports program called the “Grandstand”. This is an evergreen program in this radio station.

Listening to ABC Radio Sydney

Listening to the station is not a tough task! You must tune into the AM dial. The radio station is broadcasted at the frequency 702 kHz. It transmits power at 3110 Volts. This is equivalent to 50 kW (the maximum limit allowed in the country). The transmission happens from a site that is located 30 km from Sydney.

You can stream programs over the internet too! There are many podcasts and live streams to help you listen to this radio station.

Social Media Presence

ABC Radio Sydney is a renowned station in Australia. This is one of the very few stations in the country with 140,000+ Facebook followers and 150,000+ likes! The Facebook page is updated on a daily basis. You will have access to all top Australian news on this page.

Interestingly, ABC Radio Sydney doesn’t have an active Twitter account. The empty page features 40+ followers.

Website and Mobile App

Indeed, ABC Radio Sydney has a great website with simple, comprehensive links! You can navigate to home, programs, and categories. The page has a black and white theme. It is neatly organized into the latest news, what’s happening and weather information.

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