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Light FM is labelled as Melbourne's positive alternative station. It plays a wide range of alternative pop and rock hits from across the top 40 charts of the world. Much of the content that they have on the air reflects their Christian views as a historically Christian alternative radio station.

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Information about 89.9 TheLight
CategoryChristian, News
Programs and SpeakersKel, Christianity Works, Insight for Living Weekend, Australia’s Hot 25 Countdown, History Makers Radio, Nine News, In Touch Weekend, Lucy, Clyaton, Insight for Living, Jimi Love, Focus On The Family.
Iphone Apphttps://itunes.apple.com/au/app/lightmelbourne/id520020889

Light FM


89.9 Light FM is a station that dates all the way back to the 1970s as a Christian radio station. As the number one Christian radio station in Melbourne their original mission statement was to bring hope into a hopeless world. Light FM has experienced a considerable evolution over time including new support for a news program, an expansion into simulcast and a very large audience growth over the years. Light FM as a company has also quite recently changed the name of its main company to Light Melbourne.

Where to listen

You can listen to Light FM on a wide range of devices. One of the easiest ways that you can connect with Light FM is with the help of any FM radio. Over 89.9 it is possible to enjoy the programming at any time of day. The company has also increased its listenership through digital radio and simulcast which is available worldwide.

Shows and Personalities

Some of the top shows and personalities that are available on the station include Lucy and Kel the show which does a rundown of some of the top hits with news bulletins, Leroy Brown on your drive home, Nine news nightly, Cam at night for the latest in entertainment news and more.


The overall website that has been created for LightFM is very bright and positive on its own. With a light white background and a blue style sidebar you can see many of the hosts peeking out of the content on either side of the page. The stars of the program are definitely highlighted here!

Connecting with this station

You can easily connect with this station over many social media formats including Facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

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