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97.3 fm is known as the hot adult contemporary channel for Brisbane in Queensland. Most of the items that are played over this radio station are 1970s to 1990s hit music. The station has become so popular that it has a series of sister stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

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Information about 97.3FM



The channel first got started in the 1970s as a private radio station that would eventually change its call sign over to 97.3 or 4BFM. The company was recently purchased for its popularity by the Australian radio network and nova entertainment in the year 2015. This is what many of the sister stations opened up and the company added in a digital broadcast as well.

How to listen

listeners now have more ways to listen to 97.3 then ever before. The frequency can be found on 97.3 FM DAB+, 106.5 in Sydney, 101.1 in Melbourne, 106.3 and Canberra and others. The channel also broadcast out over the edge digital on 96.1.

Shows and Personalities

The big shows and personalities include the weekday show hosted by Bianca, Terry and Bob that runs in the morning. The Louise Poole before lunch hour show is also a large countdown show. Daniel Thomas takes over weekdays from 12 to 3 and the drive home show is hosted by Katie Dimond, Rebecca Judd and Yumi Stynes.


The main website delivers a very colorful view of the radio station and its various shows. There are also plenty of lifestyle articles the dominate the main page. You can find video content and live clips from the show from the past few weeks in the archives too!

Connect with this station

There is an easy ability to connect with this station through the Facebook page, I heart radio app, Instagram account, youtube account, Twitter account and through the website contact form itself. With many contests enter over social media, each page is worth looking at!

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