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Radio National is a radio station that is designed to nurture cultural and intellectual pursuits across Australia. It has been seen as one of the greatest players in developing national conversation around the issues. On radio national guests are regularly encouraged to get talking about health, technology, science and current events.

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Information about Radio National
Programs and SpeakersFran Kelly, Health Report, Alice Keath, Richard Fidler, David Rutledge, Melanie Tait, Late Night Live, Books and Arts Daily, ABC News (Australia), All in the Mind, Conversations, Global Business, Big Ideas.
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Radio National


Throughout history the RN radio station programming has always been about uniting to create a national conversation around the top ideas that truly matter. The program is known for its variety of specialist content throughout Australia and they continue to provide a platform for indigenous culture and issues, religion and ethics style programming and more. Innovative content is made here as well as commissioned through this station. Quite recently the program has also been transferred over to ownership under ABC and its network of stations.

Where to listen

Listening to this programming can be done live through the website, via the many podcasts that come out from the creators of this site as well as through the smart phone application that ABC has created. Radio ABC also commonly showcases their programming across local digital radio or TV which can vary across locations in Australia.

Shows and Personalities

Some of the main presenters across radio national include Philip Adams, Richard Aedy, Lorena Allam, Waleed Aly and more. These presenters and others hosts a wide range of shows and podcasts including Spark, Speaking out, Sunday Extra, The Drawing Room, Late Night Live, and others.


The website over all is mostly based in journalistic pursuits with a wide range of upcoming stories and articles including announcements about upcoming podcasts. The design itself is relatively plain that it features a white background with a black top bar and multicolor graphics. With six pages of hosts and plenty of feature articles, there is a lot of content up on this website!

Connecting with this station

Connecting with this station and ABC can be done through their three main social media accounts. RN as a station is available on Facebook, instagram and an twitter. 

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