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ABC country is Australia's home to contemporary country music. The station itself broadcasts on a variety of devices and it's owned by the Australian broadcasting Corporation as a country radio station division.

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ABC Country


ABC began the country radio station as a digital broadcasting initiative that would broadcast mostly Australian content with a serious percentage of the music emanating from Australia only. The station even plays a small percentage of indigenous Australian country music in its live stream format.

How to listen

For the most part ABC country broadcasts only as a digital radio station. It can broadcast over DAB and online worldwide through Internet radio. The company streams are available through the ABC application, through many digital TV packages as well as over Internet radio. Most of the time users will tune in over the live stream website as well

Shows and Personalities

The big shows and personalities on ABC country include the Saturday night country our which does regular giveaways from hit country superstars, Coastal country, Australian story, the countdown and more. The biggest personality on this station is host Felicity Urquhart who is the winner of an international country broadcaster award.


The base stream website for this station up online is relatively simple with a play button and a fairly plain white background. The ABC main page doesn't have too much up for this radio station other than some new updates on country music and the latest CD releases. Overall the application stands as one of the best ways that you can find out more about the program and what's coming up on stream.

Connecting with the station

Connecting with the station can be done over twitter primarily or through the ABC website. Host Felicity Urquhart also runs her own twitter and facebook account!

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