Triple J Unearthed

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Triple J Unearthed is an Australian Radio Station that aims to unearth Australian music talent.

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Triple J Unearthed

History of Triple J Unearthed

So far, the station has had three rounds of the Unearthed Project. The first program visited forty-one regions throughout Australia. The second round ran in 2002-2005 but only visited major towns in Australia. After that, the station resorted to an online competition. The station requires interested artists to upload their original work onto their website for judgment. The radio station has also had a program for High School bands that ran in early 2008. Currently, the station has seen over one hundred and twenty thousand tracks uploaded onto their website


Some of the station’s programs include Handpicked, Monthly Mixtape, Amped, and Tops. Handpicked allows listeners to play Unearthed favorites on weekdays 8 am 2pm and 8 pm. Amped airs on Thursdays at 4 pm. The Monthly Mixtape brings together a variety of music that featured during the past month. The Tops program airs on Weekdays at 5.30pm.

How to Listen Online

There are several options that listeners have to tune in to the station. The station’s official website has a streaming prompt found on the top right corner of the site. Listeners can also download Triple J Unearthed’s applications from the Google Play Store and the Apple store.

Social Network

The station has a vast social media network. They have five hundred and thirty-six thousand subscribers on YouTube, one hundred and seventy thousand followers on Facebook and seventy-eight thousand followers on Twitter.

Official Website

The official website of the station is The site has a grey and green theme with a well-designed layout. There are several drop-down menu tabs including music, reviews, playlists, programs, articles, gigs, charts, and competitions. The site also has an option for viewers to play or download music that is frequently played.

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