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ABC Extra is a digital-only radio network that is owned by the Australian Broadcasting Company.

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ABC Extra

The ABC Extra station is a sport, news, and talk radio station. The station’s slogan is ‘Bringing you Extra coverage of events and ideas that matter.’ This slogan embodies the nature of the station and how it works. ABC Extra gathers an audience of about forty-four thousand listeners each week. The station’s editorial area is majorly in Sydney Australia.


ABC Extra does not have a set list of programs. The station is dedicated to covering news and ideas that are of importance to society. These news are provided through their official website and mobile applications.

Radio Personalities

ABC extra is a digital radio station and does not feature radio personalities as other stations would.

How to Listen Online

Listeners can tune in through various ways. The first way is through the official website. Fans of the station can stream in from any web browser. The streaming prompt is at the bottom of the page and gives listeners the option of live streaming. The other option is through the station's official applications. The mobile applications can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. These apps apply to Android and Apple product users respectively.

Social Network

The station has extensive coverage on social media platforms. The @ABC Australia handle has forty-eight thousand followers on Twitter while their Facebook page has five hundred and twenty-six thousand followers. Their posts mainly feature the latest news stories

Official Website

The official website for the station is It follows the design of other ABC sites. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It has several tabs allowing you to choose your preferred station, category and program.

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