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FBi alias 2FBI is a famous radio station in Australia. It is managed by a non-profit organization. For years, FBi Radio has specialized in alternative music.

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Information about FBi Radio
Programs and SpeakersAllnighter, Utility Fog, Up For It, FBI Mornings.

FBi Radio

The radio station is based in Sydney, Australia. This is one of the country’s most renowned independent radio stations. It follows a unique policy where 50% of the content is from local bands. You will be able to listen to a wide range of Australian tunes in this radio station. To be more precise, you will hear from the Sydney Musicians.

History of FBi Radio

FBi Radio has a history that dates back to 1995. The radio station was always recognized as an aspirant broadcaster. It was given 3 different FM licenses. For nearly 8 years, the radio station engaged in making short-term broadcasts. FBi Radio topped more than 15+ aspirant broadcasters. This made FBi Radio a premiere radio station in the country. By the end of 2002, FBi Radio received a permanent license from the Australian Broadcasting Authorities. In the year 2003, FBi Radio became a full-time broadcaster.

Few milestones in FBi Radio’s history are:

  • In 2006, it won the Best Radio Show Award at the Australian Dance Music Feast. Sunset Program received this award.
  • In 2007, FBi was handpicked to announce electoral results.

Programs and Personalities

Primary programs in FB are from Australian musicians and DJs. The radio station is called as “Community” and it serves to be a perfect independent station!  On some days, the radio station features electronic and dance music.

There are so many interesting programs and celebrities on FBi Radio. As mentioned previously, Sunset was an amazing program hosted by FBi Radio. Members from the Australian entertainment and music industry have hosted shows on this station. Notable names would be DJs and Musicians like Ro Sham Bo, Nina Las Vegas, Klue, Anna Lunoe, Johnny Segment and Deepchild. When it comes to broadcasting, Lewis McKirdy, Dan llic (a comedian and filmmaker) and Nathan Sapsford are key players.

Listening to FBi Radio

Listening to this independent radio station is simple. Just tune into 94.5 FM for the programs. This has been the radio station’s frequency for decades. Of course, you can listen to the radio station over online streaming channels too. The radio station requires an ERP of 10-kilowatts.

Social Media Presence of FBi Radio

FBi Radio has a remarkable social media presence. According to experts, the station is doing well for an independent body. With respect to Facebook, the radio station has 71,000+ likes and followers.

With respect to Twitter, FBi Radio has 8000+ likes and 15000+ Tweets. On an average, 25 tweets are posted on its Twitter page.

Website and Mobile Apps

FBi Radio Station’s website is all about music. You will come across dark images and bold labels. The site features links to donate, arts & culture, new music, programs and about. Also, you will have access to all new programs in Sydney. You can listen to the station from its website too!

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