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KIIS 101.1 is also known as “3TTT”. This is a commercial radio station. This FM radio station is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is officially owned and managed by the Australian Radio Network alias ARN.

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Information about KIIS101.1

KIIS 101.1

A few years ago, the radio station was known as 3TT and 3DB. It became an FM radio station in the year 1990. This radio station focuses on listeners between 15 and 40 years of age. And, it is broadcasted throughout the country. You can listen to KIIS in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Perth.


KISS 101.1 has a very long history. The radio station was started in the year 1925. It was not broadcasted till 1927. This radio station maintained a low profile. It was founded by Druleigh Business College. That is why the radio station was called “DB”. In the year 1929, KIIS 101.1 was a part of television broadcasts.

Between the years 1929 and 1987, the radio station was managed by the Herald. Ownerships transferred to the Albert Family in the year 1988. Soon, the radio station received its “3TT” call letters. In the year 1990, the station became 3TTT-FM and was broadcasted at 101.1.

Programs and Personalities

KIIS 101.1 became famous for its drive show and breakfast special. The breakfast show was hosted by Chrissie & Jane. Years ago, it was hosted by Matt & Jane! Well, Jane Hall (the current host of the breakfast show) was a part of the Fox FM breakfast program. Another interesting program in this radio station would be “Hughesy & Kate”. The show is known as “Rosso on Drive”. It was formerly known as “Nova 100”. These shows were begun in 2015.

Renowned hosts at KIIS 101.1 are Dave Hughes, Matt Tilley, Kate Langbroek and Meshel Laurie.

Here is a brief list of all must-listen programs in KIIS 101.1:

  • Kristie Mercer and Stacey June’s Thinker girls
  • Kyle and Jackie’s O Hour of Power
  • Hughesy & Kate
  • Katie Diamond’s 3 PM Pick-Up
  • Joel Gelding
  • Matt & Meshel Show

Listening to KIIS 101.1

Listening to KIIS 101.1 is a simple process. You must tune into 101.1 MHz FM to listen to the radio station. The radio station has been aired on 101.1 FM for several years. Few other frequencies are 1026 kHz, 1030 kHz, and 1180 kHz. These were the former frequencies of this radio station.

Of course, you can live stream the radio programs too!

Social Media presence

KIIS 101.1 has an active Facebook presence. It has more than 111,000+ followers and likes on Facebook. Indeed, the page is loaded with live events and comments! With respect to Twitter, the radio station has 1500+ likes and 12.5k+ followers. On an average, 20 tweets are made every day.

Website and Mobile Apps

A lot of people admire the radio station’s website. You will have access to all upcoming shows in the radio unit. Also, you can scan through shows, lifestyle, contests, and newsroom! All your favorite shows will be a click away on this page.

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