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Kiss FM is a dance music station that is located in Australia and 100% independent. The company relies solely on user donations in order for its survival. Becoming a kiss FM member insurers that users can get access to a variety of dance music events and enter into great contests while also supporting the site.

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Information about Kiss FM
Programs and SpeakersEddie Halliwell, Defected in the House, A State of Trance, Bionic Boogie, Fire It Up, All Gone Pete Tong, Behind the Iron Curtain, Complicated Funk, Chus & Ceballos Stereo Productions Podcast.
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Kiss FM


The station first got started as a volunteer live to air radio station with a staff to just wanted to put out great dance music. Today the staff has risen to a full studio support office staff and production crew accounting for 157 people. The vast majority of the funding comes through membership access and the company features very light advertising on the air.

Where to listen

Tuning into the station is best done through the website. A full listing of all of the previous shows is placed up online. They also have an iPhone application, an android application and a variety of other supported online radio streams.

Shows and Personnalities

There are many guest shows that are placed up as well as shows that are produced by major recording DJs like Armin Van Buuren. Other popular shows such as Black label underground, behind the Iron Curtain, A state of trance and a rotation tracks are popular shows to tune into.

The Website

The website is the main conduit for members to connect with the site and to find out about all the latest programming available on the station. The website owners regularly post new information about each program and a full-featured section for members. They have a wide range of merchandise and I also regularly post about news in the future of dance music.

Communicating with the station

Communication with this station is best done through the website as well as their social media accounts. They are active over Instagram, twitter and facebook and this means it's very easy to connect with all of their DJs especially if you are a paid member.

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