Mix 102.3

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Mix 102.3 is an Australian Radio station based in Adelaide. The radio station is owned by the Australian Radio Network (ARN).

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Information about Mix 102.3
Programs and SpeakersHomeBrew Radio, Katrina, Huddy Cracks It, Nimbin Aboriginal Broadcasters, Magic Mama Medicine Show, Metal glory, EaracheMyEye, Clean & Healthy Show, DJ TJ, Marc, Charanke (Japanese).
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MIX 102.3

History of MIX 102.3

Mix 102.3 began in 1932 as an AM radio station known as 5AD. The station aired a variety of programs ranging from sports, comedy and some concerts. The station then changed the nature of their programs in 1959. After being introduced to Adelaide, the station became music based; having catchy slogans like 5AD Action Radio, Where Your Friends Are” amongst others. Some of the presenters that featured on the station in the 60s included Jeff Sunderland, Peter Plus, Tony Pilkington, Sam Galea, Ken Dickins amongst others. The station was also crucial in the coming of the Beatles to Adelaide in 1964. These are some of the critical highlights of the journey of the Mix 102.3.

Currently, the station features hot adult contemporary music. Mix 102.3 is part of the KIIS Network. This network also contains other stations such as KIIS 101.1, KIIS 106.5 and Mix 106.3 Canberra.


Some of the primary programs of the station include Adelaide’s Fun Breakfast, the Michelle Murphy Show, Get on Board for the Drive Home, Hour of Power, The Thinkergirls and Street Crew.

Radio Personalities

Some of the radio personalities that feature on the show include Kate Langbroek, Kyle Sandilands, Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom, Jackie O, Dave Hughes, Jodie Oddy and Michelle Murphy.

How to Listen Online

The listeners can tune into the station through their official website. The station provides a streaming service through a streaming prompt located at the top of their website.

Social Network

The station has a wide presence on social media. They currently have three hundred thousand followers on Facebook and close to six thousand followers on Twitter. Both sites feature Jodie and Soda’s show on the cover page.

Official Website

The station’s official website is http://www.mix1023.com.au/. The station features a chic design that complements their adult contemporary style. The theme of the website features an array of blue and pink with several artists like Pink, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran. The site has different menus giving the audience a full variety of entertainment news. These menus feature shows, contests, entertainment and lifestyle sections.

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