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The station was primarily known for being a part of the village roadshow networks as well as Fairfax media. It has recently been taken over by the Australian radio network and has been broadcasting since the year 1980. The company is purse very first commercial FM radio station and it launched a Steely Dan album on its first broadcast.

Where to listen

The shows are broadcast across the 96.1 MHz FM band in the greater Perth area and the station can also be reached online through their website. The station also broadcasts out over the I heart radio application which allows for streaming on mobile devices.

Shows and Personalities

The shows and personalities that 96 FM is known for include the Kyle and Jackie O program, Doug Terry’s show, Carmen and Fitzi, Mark “Smiley” Pascoe and others. The café and some of these other shows have become some of the most popular available through the station network. The company regularly plays top 40 music and is proud to deliver support for these hosts and others.


The website for this station has a primarily white and red theme with plenty of new entertainment news available on the main page. There's also an ongoing schedule listing of all of the upcoming programming and a streaming guide for listening live at any time.

How to connect

You can connect with this station over many social media accounts including Instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter, the I heart radio app and through the website itself. Many of the main hosts also have their own individual pages through social media sites.