The Edge 96.1

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The Edge 96.1 is a radio station that broadcasts from Sydney Australia that is licensed to Katoomba and officially operated by the Australian radio network.

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Information about The Edge 96.1

The Edge 96.1

The station was formally a well-known a.m. station called 2KA but it has transferred completely into a 96.1 fm station to first play a series of top 40 mainstream hits, changing over to alternative rock in year 1998 and then reshuffling its programming into hip-hop and R&B in the year 2006. Currently the channel is best known for being one of the top R&B stations in Australia.

Personalitie and shows

The main shows that are featured along this radio station include the weekday Mike E and Emma show, afternoons with Nat, Kickin it with Kian, K- sera and the dirty dozen, The Iheartradio countdown and club edge. The top personalities on the show include Kian Oliver, K-Sera, Bryce Ruthven and more.

Where to listen

Listening to the station across Australia is quite easy on the 96.1 FM band. The channel is also available through the I heart radio application. With online streaming through the website also available it's possible to hear the edge 96.1 anywhere in the world.

Connect with the station

It is very easy to connect with this stations for the main website, the Iheartradio application and with individual DJs through their twitter, Instagram and facebook accounts. Making changes to the program and calling in can all be done online through the contact page. The radio station also has its own official YouTube page, facebook page, twitter page and Instagram page for speaking to administrators about general programming.

The edge 96.1 will remain one of the best R&B stations out of Sydney. With a wealth of programming available this is a fun top 40 radio station for R&B hits that will surely get your body moving!

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